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A  Unique  Porthole  On  The  Web  For  Masculine  Gay  Men



The Elephant In The Room

Social norms have us believing that to be "a friend of Dorothy," we're pretty much on our own in sorting it out.


It’s sink or swim, and some gay men typically fare better at it than others. 

What I am offering here is unusual, to say the least.


An outlet where TheHiddenDoor can become whatever it is that you need it to be.  It's about rebuilding confidence for all, but for others it can be much, much more.


For those with busy careers, it’s a well-spent hour of great entertainment, with no hassles or headaches, a fun escape from the pressures of life, where concerns of rejection or thinking,

"Ok seriously, where is this going?" need not exist.

The sad reality is that a large number of my clients are stressed out from work, which all too often takes its toll.   


TheHiddenDoor is, quite simply, a very welcomed disconnect, a safe place to recharge your battery - and maybe, just maybe, lead you to make some healthy changes that this time will stick.


This porthole is designed for gay men who are open to self-growth and who see the value in putting themselves first.  


Regardless of how one might perceive this life coaching company, or perceive me for that matter, my intentions are genuine.   I love helping people move forward and I am incredibly proud of what this has become.


Above all else, exclusivity makes this discreet corner of the web special; discretion is and will always remain my top priority.


Whether you are booking bi weekly or monthly, the advantages of investing in a life coach are limitless.


Stop trying to manage the complexities of your life on your own, and let me help make it a little easier.


You'd be surprised how much faster you'll achieve success when you're not by yourself, bobbing like a cork in the sea.


It's amazing how dramatically your life can be enhanced simply by stepping in a new direction and taking some bold, brave chances.


Much Love & Respect,



it's Not Rocket Science


... but  


stop reminding yourself.

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About Me


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  just my take, ...don't get your panties in a bunch.
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Learn to be flexible

Nobody's  asking  you  to  suck  your  own  cock  ... but   

A Unique Porthole On The Web For Masculine Gay Men

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Let me play that pivotal role!

Let me do for you what every straight man takes completely for granted.

Life is short. 

Let’s tackle it together.

… and have an awesome, kick-ass time along the way.

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